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Personal Fitness Training in Ann Arbor MI

Ballroom Dance Classes in Ann Arbor, MI

Are you ready to stand out in a crowd?
Have you always wanted to be one of the people others watch dance and then say, “ I wish I could do that”?
Now is the time and All Out Ballroom is the place for you!

All Out Ballroom is a unique blend of classic ballroom and Detroit Club Style Ballroom for the beginner to the advanced. Our ballroom dance classes in Ann Arbor, Michigan, emphasize proper technique, lane control, and dance floor etiquette all while having fun in a laid back environment that helps promote self-esteem and confidence.

Basic ballroom dancing skills taught include the up-and-back, half-turn, and full-turn. Men will learn how to lead a lady through a dance and make her feel special. Ladies will learn how to follow those leads and make him look like a professional. As skill levels increase, more advanced moves will be introduced. The last hour of class is an open dance period to practice with your peers.

Whether it’s having a beautiful wedding dance, increasing your fitness level, or just to show off in front of your friends, our ballroom dance classes can help you reach your goals.

The Benefits of Ballroom Dance for Beginners

There’s so much this activity has to offer, especially when you do it with All Out Fitness. Meeting new people, learning a new skill, and staying fit are just a few of the many perks. Dancing of almost any kind is a fast-paced full-body cardio workout that’s sure to help with weigh loss while making you feel great. We design the classes so that everybody has fun, taking the work out of exercise. Plus, next time you’re at a party or wedding, you’ll know exactly what to do no matter who you dance with.

The class is of particular help to those in physical therapy. In addition to being a fitness company, we also offer a rehab program, and ballroom dance can easily be part of that. We know how to tailor the dancing to help soothe those aches and pains that come with injury or age.

Come Dance With Us

Weight loss and fitness have never been so much fun. Our instructor and personal trainers are here to ensure you enjoy your experience and perfect your dance moves. No matter what your health goals are, we’re qualified and prepared to help you meet them and have fun doing it.

Instructor for Your Ballroom Dance Classes in Ann Arbor, MI


Described by other dancers in the Detroit area as smooth, sexy and cool, James Johnson is a skilled ballroom dancing instructor of Detroit Club Style Ballroom, Bop, and Chop dance styles. James has been teaching dance in the Detroit area for the past 10 years. He learned from all of the top dancers in Detroit and is here to help you become the best that you can be!

As a native of Ann Arbor, James is very excited to bring these dance styles back to his hometown. James is a very patient and understanding instructor. He encourages every student to try new steps and works with each person individually as needed. His class is loaded with great music, high energy cardio training, and lots of laughs!

Contact us to get moving and grooving today. We welcome everyone from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the neighboring communities.