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Personal Fitness Training in Ann Arbor MI

Massage Services in Ann Arbor, MI

Becoming fit is hard work and worth every ounce of sweat. You’ll love your new body and living a healthy lifestyle. Your body will also benefit from the relaxation and therapeutic benefits of a great massage. Enjoy the massage services in Ann Arbor, MI, at All Out Fitness, the fitness and weight loss center that focuses on the whole person. We love what we do and how our tailored fitness classes change lives. We also offer massage services to help you relax and restore your tired and aching muscles.

A Massage is Good for You

Massage can help relieve tension in muscles and work out tender spots from hours of overuse. When these areas are diminished, your body is free to return to a proper balance. All Out Fitness offers multiple modalities of massage therapy that is by appointment only. Check out the massage options available as well as our specialty massages that will put a bounce back into your step.

Swedish Massage

Let the talented massage therapists at All Out Fitness help you relax with a soothing Swedish Massage. The primary objective of this type of massage is to relax your entire body. This is the most common massage style and is a proven way to relieve muscle tension and may help with healing after an injury.

Sports Massage

Sports massage can be a form of preventative medicine in that it is often used to prepare the body for athletic or sports activities. You will remain in optimal condition and even recover faster from injuries sustained on the playing field. Massive muscle breakdown can only be repaired by blood flow, and sports massage increases blood flow to all areas of the body.

Deep Tissue Massage

Slow and measured movements target muscles, tendons, and other tissues that lie deep under your skin. Deep tissue massage helps relieve chronic pain and is one of our more intense massage services. 

Myofascial Release Massage

Myofascial release massage focuses on pain and immobility. It is a soft tissue therapy that eases the tightness and tension in specific trigger points. It involves massaging tight muscles and fascia to alleviate pain.

Other Massage Services

Trigger point massage can provide immediate relief by locating and focusing on trigger points that are often associated with spasmodic muscle pain. Pre-Natal Massage focuses on the unique needs of mothers-to-be during their pregnancies. Consult with your doctor to see if prenatal massage is right for you. 

Contact us for more information about or massage services. We proudly serve Ann Arbor, MI, and surrounding areas.