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Personal Fitness Training in Ann Arbor MI

Weight Loss Program and Fitness Class in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Get a personalized weight loss program or fitness class in Ann Arbor, Michigan, from All Out Fitness. Our clients are treated like a person, as opposed to being a number like at larger studios. We love helping our customers receive great results and are ecstatic for our clients when they reach goals like losing 20 pounds or being able to get out of bed without pain.

Nutrition and Personal Training in Ann Arbor, MI

Our Services

Feel great again with our personal training services, cardio training programs, fitness classes, ballroom classes, and any other activity that helps you get fit. We also provide supplements, nutritional advice, and minor equipment to assist your wellness journey.

The motivational support you need to meet your weight loss goals is here at All Out Fitness. Our knowledgeable staff provides customized programs, workout routine changes for times when your weight loss seems to plateau, and amazing friendships. Whether you are interested in a spinning class or personal training, we keep you going during the hard times when you feel like giving up.

Effective Cardio Training in Ann Arbor, MI

Class Schedule


Buns & Thighs

Group Fitness w/Star

Total Body Circuit


Holiday Sixpack

Boot Camp


Max Cardio Guts & Butt


Chest and Back

Boot Camp

K/S/B/BR (Rotating Schedule)


6:00am   Total Mayhem 

Total Mayhem


Step with Star

Warrior Class




Step with Star (not currently)

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Fitness Classes

Our fitness classes include boot camps, barbell classes, Zumba® classes, Yoga, and ballroom Detroit style classes. These programs are designed to achieve life-changing results. A fitness class is available at least once a day, every day, including on Sundays.

Group Fitness With Star: Is a cardio training class where you never know what exactly you're going to do, but you know you'll get a heart-pounding, fat burning class the involves weight training, cardio training, and a little of everything great about fitness, which is helpful for those in physical therapy. The class changes every class, and could look like any of our current classes or something totally different and unique to itself. Bottom line—it's a must try!!!!

The Warrior/The Assassin: Are two gut-busting, sweat draining classes that will challenge any weekend warrior or anybody. They are two different 10 exercises 500 repetition classes, with every exercise designed to challenge you. This is a will class - you'll have to will yourself to finish! It's just as much of a challenge on the mind as it is on the body. This cardio training class is not for beginners, clearance from trainers beforehand is recommended. People have been known to burn well over 800 calories in this class.

Boot Camp: Is circuit training at its best with instructors that care about you, and make sure you're doing everything right. This class is great for beginners and advanced fitness people, because we design it with options to push anybody.

Zumba®: Is the perfect mix between dance and fitness! The dance concept is easy-to-follow, so don't be afraid if this is your first lesson. Just move your body and follow the lead, It's easy. Every fitness class feels like a party! Come join us, and you'll see what I mean! Ditch the workout, join the Party!

Cardio Mix with Jeanette: Is a moderate to high-intensity cardio training class with a mix of plyometric and versus exercises. Jeanette uses different equipment during her classes such as weights, step boards, bosu balls and resistant bands. The class routine changes weekly.

Kettlebell Rush: Is the ultimate all-in-one fitness and strength/conditioning fitness class. Kettlebells promote strength, flexibility, and mobility all at the same time with a special emphasis on CORE STRENGTH, and in addition kettlebell training elevates the heart rate for effective cardiovascular training. Most people regardless of current or previous injuries, training background, age or physical condition will find kettlebells a refreshing break from the normal workout routine.

Spinning®: You want to lose your extra pounds?! This class is perfect for you! Our Spinning class® is a highly motivating and fun workout with cool, upbeat music and can burn hundreds of calories.

RTK (Ropes, TRX, Kettlebell): Is the ultimate mix between strength/ conditioning and endurance training. The class promotes muscle growth, increased strength as well as increased cardiovascular health.

To schedule an appointment or ask questions about our weight loss program or fitness classes, contact us in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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